The Company

Different languages and cultures often prevent clear understanding between manufacturers and customers. Unfortunately this often prevents many companies from being successfully represented abroad and leads to development prospects stagnating. Companies' export managers are often responsible for a number of nations at the same time, but cannot be expected to be experts in all of these markets. It is often very time-consuming for the companies to collate the required knowledge and know-how for the respective countries to develop effective economic connections.

This is why experience gathered by companies already operating on the ground may also be of use for other companies. GOSTCONSULT GmbH has collated such experience for two important markets, namely Russia and Germany. We use consultancy to make the missing information available to the export manager responsible at a reasonable price. 

Being represented by a network of professional consultants in Germany and Russia puts us ahead of the game in guaranteeing a comprehensive service: Tax advisers, solicitors or certification bodies.
This allows us to make important decisions with more care and reliability. 

The aim of our logo is to express our corporate philosophy: Our advice can be used to bring different cultures and mindsets (a circle and a square) together in order to gain mutual respect and improved cooperation. The result is a win-win situation with both parties benefiting.

Our service consists of: 

•    Advice on which EAC certification (TR, CU certification) is required and ways to obtain it
•    Legal entity service in the Customs Union
•    Preparation of the documents required to request TR CU certification
•    Correlation with the certificate issued by the body in the event of additional questions and queries
•    Receipt and checking of the TR CU certification obtained
•    Information for staff about using the TR CU certificate in day-to-day business
•    Renewal of certificates due to expire with timely notification to companies 
•    Technical translations from Russian - German; German - Russian; Russian - English; English -Russian; Russian - Italian; Italian - Russian
•    Technical passport in accordance with the following standards:

ГОСТ 2.601 (GOST 2.601)
ПБ 03-576-03 (PB 03-576-03)

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