With the amendment of the legislation in the Russian Federation due to the Customs Union – EAC (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) we hereby inform you that all certificates previously issued before 15/02/2013 have officially lost their validity as from 15/03/2015, even if later dates are mentioned on the certificate.
In any case, none of the customs authorities will accept the old certificates of the GOST R, TR type.

Henceforth the conformity of the products is based on a new version of the Technical Regulations.
Once issued the new TR CU certificate will be valid in the entire EAC territory. 

The issue of the new certificate still requires a representative (importer) – residing in the Customs Union (currently Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan) who legally represents the products within the EAC territory.

The functions of the said importer are:

•    Official contact point for complaints.
•    Contact point in case of requests from official authorities.
•    Held to make changes in the product in case of non-conformity. 
•    Held to block the import and/or to recall the goods from the market within the Customs Union in case of non-conformity of the product that cannot be remedied.

GOSTCONSULT GmbH can offer you the certification of your products and the representation service within the EAC territory according to the new rules.

To be prepared for subsequent sales in Russia or within the territory of the Customs Union (EAC) we recommend you to set up the new certificate.

Should you be interested we kindly request you to inform us accordingly in order that we can prepare an individual quotation.