Legal Entity

In accordance with the Customs Union's new regulations, EAC certification must be applied for by a legal entity registered in the custom union's territory. The manufacturer continues to be shown as such on the certificate. 

The legal entity acts as a representative of the company in the Customs Union's territory, processes the certificates and acts as the point of contact in the event of complaints. By way of example, this role can be filled by the subsidiary or branch of a foreign company. 
European manufacturers also frequently assign power of attorney for applying for proof of conformity as well as receipt of complaints to their customers importing the goods.

Legal entity / importer has the following functions:

• Official contact person in case of complaints.
• office for inquiries from government agencies.
• It is committed in the absence of compliance to changes to the product.
• Can not be restored, the conformity of the product, he is obliged to stop the imports and / or to recall the product from the market of the Customs Union.

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