Industrial Report/RTN approval

The RTN approval document has been replaced by the 'Industrial Report' document. 

Industrial Report -  A document containing confirmation of the result of compliance with/breach of health and safety in the workplace.

The aim of the 'Industrial Report' is to check compliance with the requirements approved by the laws of the Russian Federation.

As of January 2014 the Customs Union technical rules (No. 22-FZ) apply to the industrial safety of machinery and plant. As a result, where a certificate or corresponding declaration in accordance with TR-CU exists the plant/machinery can be put into operation without further specific approval being required.

Issuing the Industrial Report (RTN):

Despite TR-CU entering into force, there are companies who continue to insist on certification. There are also products not covered by the technical rules for the Customs Union. An industrial safety report registered with RTN can still be issued for these.

In this respect there are accredited authorities who produce the report and submit it on behalf of the RTN authorities. It can be used immediately if registered.

Experience has shown that between one and four weeks are required for the certificate to be issued.